German Regimental Transportation Stein
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German Regimental Transportation Stein. Post WWII "1911-1913" German transport regimental lithopane beer stein with train finial 9 1/2" beer stein mug. When military units were deactivated and sent to a reserve status they were commemorated by commissioning beer steins for each member of the unit. This collectible regimental military reserve stein is dedicated to 3. (Bayer.) Pionier-Battaillon – 3 Kompanie – Ingolftadt – 1911-1913. In memory of my service, this one is dedicated to “Pr. Kirchmair”. The stein features a domed lid along with the bottom Lithophane. The lithophane shows the traditional "Welcome Home Soldier and Wife" scene. The only marking on the underside is "Made in Germany".

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German Regimental Transportation Stein

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