L.B. Taylor .32 Caliber Single Shot Derringer
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L.B. Taylor .32 caliber single shot derringer.  Brass framed pistol with silver finish. Barrel has typical pitting with no finish remaining. Serial number 1516. Features include a 3-1/2" octagon barrel,  brass frame, spur trigger, and walnut grips. This is an early breech-loading cartridge derringer made by L.B. Taylor and Company of Chicopee, Massachusetts. These were produced for just a short time, circa 1868-1870. The barrel slides forward out of the frame via a machined rail attached underneath. It's released by depressing a lever on the bottom of the frame. Nice collectible pistol. (Item D012)


  • Item #: D012

L.B. Taylor .32 Caliber Single Shot Derringer

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