Savage  Rusty Civil War Relic Dup Up Revolver
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Savage  Rusty Civil War Relic Dup Up Revolver. Pitted old dug up. Civil War period relic. Most of the production of these guns were made on government contracts for both Army & Navy. Nice historical find. Not loaded. Cylinder turns however everything else is frozen, non-functioning and therefore it does not work. Appears to have been exposed to the elements for a long time judging from the pitting on the gun. Unknown location of the find. Don’t know if it was found on or near battlefield, or it may have just been a lucky find. I found no makers markings or serial number. I have no other information. This relic will make a great display. Pitted & rusted through-out.

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Savage Rusty Civil War Relic Dup Up Revolver

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